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How To Make Money With ALL THE METHODS

Hello, how are you? I hope you’re having a wonderful day.

While methods are awesome and all, and most of them can still work if you apply some twists on them, I see still some people who miss some key ingredients.

Without those key ingredients, you won’t make anything happen. It doesn’t matter if you buy a step-by-step guide for $497, that promises you to get your money back and a car in 2 months, you still won’t succeed without training your mind.

This is based on my own experience and please share your thoughts below even if you agree or disagree. Also, this is nothing new, just a little reminder with a touch of my own point of view.

If I seem a little bit of ironic in some parts of this post, please understand that I am typing this with love, so if you see anything kinda ironic, it’ll be for the best of you, to help you understand some things and smash your ego right away (it’ll be for your own good, please don’t hate or take anything personally this is how I talk to the people I care, you get the idea).


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1. No Matter The Method There’s Only One Way To Make Money

This is Marketing 101. If you want to find twists, you need to know what’s really happening.
90% of the methods work, and 1 of the reasons that don’t work for you is that you can’t apply twists. But what’s the reason that you can’t think of some twists?

Cause you don’t know the basics. If you know who’s making money out of whom, how he’s making money and what’s your position in this whole chain, then ideas and twists will start popping out of nowhere.

Let me give you a random example below.

Many people want to make money from adsense, but they do not know where this money is coming from. “They just want to make money from adsense”.

Since I mentioned adsense, what’s really happening on adsense? You SELL ad space for ADVERTISERS so THEY can make money out of your traffic.

If they’re making money, then you’re making money! Unless you want to be the advertiser and sell your own products or services.

… which points us to number 2.

2. The Only Way To Make Money Is To Sell Something ( Product or Service ) – And It Doesn’t Even Have To Be Yours

I could you give you all the time in the world, to find ONE thing to prove this isn’t true.
It’s really so obvious but people really don’t get it.

Why do I mention this ?

Because people get overwhelmed with all these methods, websites and acronyms like:

Make money with CPA
Make money with Adsense
Make money with Clickbank
Make money with Leads
Make money with Affiliate Marketing
Make money with niche sites
… and the list goes on

Then you realize that all the things above have something in common, that you SELL something, a product or service, if not yours it’s someone else’s.

Why is it important to understand this and how will this help me make money?

Because when I was a newbie I was like OMG INTERNET MARKETING IS SO DIFFICULT YOU’VE GOT TO KNOW E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G , then I got overwhelmed and got to the point where I spent most of my time and money trying out LITERALLY EVERYTHING for like 20% of total completion of the each separate method, and of course, I failed all of them, ending up more confused, with less money in my pocket.

But what if, instead of trying EVERYTHING AT THE SAME TIME I had focused on WHAT I SHOULD SELL AND HOW SHOULD I SELL IT? Then I’d be making more money in less time.

So, this brings me to number 3.

3. Find What You Want To Sell

What are you good at? What do you like? Videogames? Movies? Sports? Maybe you can teach someone how to play the guitar? Or be a fitness tutor?

Maybe you do not know anything similar to the above or simply don’t want to sell your own product, but you want to promote someone else’s product and make money out their product?

Just for a minute, Stop caring about labels, and CPA, and amazon websites (one more example that you need to sell something) or clickbank niche sites, blah blah blah, focus on one thing and ask yourself, what’s the thing I want to do that will probably make me bored less while doing it, if not making me LOVE WORKING at it?

Find the niche you love and…

4. Stick With It Until You Bleed

It’s really so tempting to try out 10 methods instead of one, but this is my [Reported by Members as SPAM THREAD] mistake that I’ve made in the past. If I were more patient with a method, rather than expecting results in a month, and then starting a new one, then I’d be making at least 4 figures per day.

But instead I am at 3 figures per day because of the time I wasted on trying out literally everything, hoping that *the new method* would get me more money , faster. HAHAHA.

I highly recommend you to READ A LOT OF METHODS, not just “Read” but READ, literally understand what’s happening in there, who’s selling what and where and how, and what’s your position in all this stuff.

And then once you literally KNOW BY HEART ALL THOSE 10 METHODS, then choose ONLY 1 and stick with it until you bleed for at least 6 months for ~8 hours per day.

Do this and you’re guaranteed to make money. 8 hours of work, but not just looking at the screen thinking you’re working. Sitting on your computer chair, IS NOT WORK, don’t let your brain fool you.

You’d better of with 3 hours of actual work, than with 8 hours of “work”.

5. Traffic Hurts. But You Can Reduce The Amount of Pain and Switch It To Profit.

Traffic might be the [Reported by Members as SPAM THREAD] reason people quit IM before they even start it.
They get a domain name, they learn a bit of wordpress, they setup a website and…. WHERE’S MY TRAFFIC?

So, let me try a secondary method right? WRONG.

Traffic can be acquired via 2 ways.

* Paid traffic – Fast traffic, almost instant. But not free.
* Organic traffic – Traffic from SEO, or youtube subscribers or twitter, instagram , and so on.

I love both types of traffic, and I am going to give you the most popular answers I see here on BBHF from newbies when they want to quit.

* Paid: Maaaaan, I don’t have the money maaaaan, Well I want to MAKE MONEY not to SPEND!!!!
* Organic: Man, I created my * insert social media account here * but I’ve got no views, subs, followers, tweets, re-tweets, birds, stones, nothing!

Listen here you silly, if you’re impatient like me, and you can’t build traffic organically, since it takes time, then get a 9-5 job and stop wasting your money on cigarettes and get a piggy bank.

Use your piggy bank, insert all your beer money and say: THIS IS GOING TO BE SPENT ON ADS. NO MATTER IF I MAKE MONEY OR NOT.

All the money spent for ads, would not actually be wasted. You’ll buy stats , experience and knowledge. Which is the best invest you can make. Expect to lose money.

And before you say “Nah, I want to make money for free I don’t have money” then close your mouth and be patient, while following the steps above (focus on only one 1 thing at a time for many many hours / months, without watching youtube vids or using facebook).

At least, now instead of asking “HOW CAN I MAKE MONEY ON THE INTERNETZ” you can ask more serious questions like “I SPENT $50 ON ADS, WHAT DO I DO WRONG, SINCE I ONLY GOT 1 CONVERSION” or 2 conversions or no conversions it doesn’t matter.

Trust me, once the BBHF members see you’re taking action and put time, sweat and effort in yourself, they’ll get also convinced that they’re not wasting their time to give answers to someone who doesn’t want to try… thus we will help you.

5. Expect To Fail and Lose Money.

If you want something which is risk free, then go get a 9-5 job. Do what you’ve got to do and go home, BUT use some of your money to learn how to use ads and get traffic faster, and more efficiently.

SEO , youtube organic traffic is awesome I am not gonna lie, but you need patience and discipline. Create those videos, post those blog posts, be better, make mistakes, do it DAILY even if you only have 5 views, and even if those 5 views are all yours.

Discipline, hard work and patience is the key to get free organic traffic.

6. Gear Is Nothing. Learn To Solve Problems.

You might have seen all those youtube channels with the 4k cameras , professional mics and editing, with hundreds of subs, right? Guess what, if you give the viewer (possible customer) what he wants, if you can solve their problem or answers their questions, they could care less about your 720p video.

Or maybe you’re not a native English writer? But you can make my life happier and solve my problems? TAKE MY MONEY MAN.

I hope you get what I’m saying.

Your limitations, are… YOUR limitations. Not your customers, not theirs, not mine, but yours.

7. The Golden Rule.

This rule is the bread and butter of your success.

If I’m going to ask you, to create content / value to help other people for free, you’d probably think I’m crazy since you’re here to make money and not give away information.

But, the consumers / viewers / listeners / people can sense from miles away when you do something only for money or if you do something cause you enjoy it. You can’t hide it.

I ask you to be the crazy one for six months and act like you have all the money in the world , and you’re going to create the best content available just for the sake of it 🙂 Be a saint for 6 months… daily 🙂

I promise you’ll make more money that you’d anticipated. Let me explain.
Everything is reciprocal. It’s a give-take situation.

If you want to make money out of amazon reviews + the amazon affiliate program, you must understand that the consumer does not care if you make money out of your website.

So why should they share your site? Or why would they buy or even prefer your review instead of others?

It’s simple, cause you have solved their problem, made their life easier by providing the best review on the internet, simply because your mindset was tuned to helping others the best way you can, instead of milking their money.

… and you ended up gaining their trust, they were happy to give you all the money in the world because they sensed that this was delivered with love and passion instead of just writing a review for the sake of it (for their pockets to be exact).

It’s really weird to understand this at first, but I am asking you to not care about money… in order to make money. It’s like 2 opposite energies forcing to create a balanced energy.

So wait a second… Are you really telling me to not care about money ????

Not exactly. While our motive is to make money, you should think your customers first and THEN the money that will end up in your pocket.

Have you bought a domain service that didn’t end up well? If yes… Then screw those guys, you’re not buying again!

Or maybe you’ve bought a sandwich that was poorly made or purchased a t-shirt that wore off in 2 days? They didn’t think about you right? All they cared was to make money!

See where I am getting at? Of course you know that they want to make money, this is the reason they’re selling stuff anyway. But if they put money FIRST, then this is when you as a customer start to have a problem….

Hope I made it as clear as it gets 😀

8. To Sum Up…

* Understand your position in the making money chain, someone has got to sell something. If it’s not you, you can be the middle-man between the seller and customer (simply known as selling ads). Adsense, youtube ads, clickbank, you name it.

* If you don’t want to be the middleman, be the seller / advertiser. You’ll need more time to learn how to create a product and market it properly, but in the end, it’s worth it. At least you know what to search specifically in the search box now, right? :rolleyes:

* Lose money to make money (the paid way) Or lose time to make money (the free way). Choose your poison and convert it to a potion. ( d*** I am on a roll today 😮 )

* You’ve got time, if you want to find all the excuses in the world about how busy you are, then you’re actually fooling yourself. If you want to find excuses, then do it, but don’t you dare send me a PM about “HOW TO MAKE MONEY ON THE INTERNETZ Plz HELP ME”

* Ignore other peoples opinion and don’t be shy. You want organic traffic from youtube? Then make a video. If you’re THAT shy, then don’t show your face. Find a way to provide value.

Or maybe you can share value via writing. Don’t care about typos man, just make sure your message is getting across to your potential customer.

* Share value without expecting something back, and everything else will fall into place without even knowing how.

I’m sorry for any potential grammar errors, this was written out of the blue (also, what’s sleep?).

Most of the BBHF methods are fine. It’s your attitude behind the methods.

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