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How To Get More By Connecting Businesses!

I actually got the idea of using this particular method to grow my current offline Web consultancy firm while talking to a long lost contact.

I’m currently running this small web consultancy firm, providing services such as (Web dev, Logo design, SEO, PPC management), and I have a small pool of 15-20 clients, most of which is Property agents. Property agents are a great group of people to target when you provide web services since they are very much willing to pay for new websites to be created, and then upsell SEO and stuffs.

So I was talking to this contact of mine last night, and she was selling Property leads ($0.50 per lead), and that since I was providing services for this group of clients I talked extensively with her, and she revealed that the people who bought leads from her were very often, people who are trying to do a JV with these property agents. People like Bankers, Lawyers, Interior designers. These guys contacted these property agents to let them promote these services to their clients.

So the process went like this:

[hide]1. Bankers/Lawyers/Interior design companies would buy leads from my contact
2. They would get property agent to help promote their services.
3. Client of Property does a transaction, would need Legal services/ Housing loans/ Interior design from homes. So property agent refers these clients to his affiliated source.
4. Bankers/ Lawyers/ Interior designers closes the client, gives a commission to the Agent.[/spoiler]

Then alarm bells rang. All of these people, be it Property agents, Interior designer, Bankers or Lawyers would require some form of web presence or another, I could sell to each of them, and could even GUARANTEE a certain influx of new leads for them to work with, if they did purchase my web services. I would also charge them on a per lead basis, ON TOP of what I charge them for their web services.

An example would be this:
1. Interior design firm + Property agent gets Website design + SEO + PPC management from me [$1000 upfront + $200-1000 monthly EACH]
2. Every sale of the Interior design package, I charge the Interior design company 10% of the entire deal.

Deal A: Guy purchases a house, gets Lawyer services ($5k), Gets Housing loan($2k), Interior design ($8k)
On a $8000 Interior design deal, Interior design guy pays out $800, I take $400 off the cash, Pass $400 to agent.
On a $5000 Legal services deal, Lawyer pays out $500, I take $250, Agent gets $250.
For Bank loans, I get a flat fee of $800, pays out $500 to agent, I take $300

So for every typical deal, on top of whatever I get for my services, I get an average of $950-$1500 per deal just by connecting my clients!

What if you don’t want to sell your website to these people? Just simply connect them and get all the profits! So there’s virtually no selling involved IF you don’t sell your web services.

Lemme know your thoughts,

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